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Employee Management System

Employee management system, one of the most essentials ERP software, stands as much required system for any business enterprise or organization to update and manage data, details, work status, logging details of each system, having data of active or inactive employee of company safely, one touch instant messaging, view & edit employee’s payroll system, and employee’s progress and many more ranging from tiny details to numerous ones. Thus, ERP software becomes as an appropriate assistant to HR.

Features we provide:

Our Employee management system developed by proficient software developers at OndeskITsolutions enables office management to maintain employee details including family details, designation, work report, attendance, and assemble data files of employee’s system and many more are featured such as

  • Attach and remove new employee and inactive employee respectively,
  • Managing employee’s details including address and family details,
  • Edit and view employee’s work report, attendance and status of new task,
  • Check out employee’s work report daily or as required weekly or monthly,
  • Enables you to know employee log details in system,
  • Edit and review employee payroll system,
  • Keeping sharp eyes on workers call log,
  • Possessed of facility like announcements about holidays or any other information,
  • Aware about employee’s status and progress related to given projects,
  • Enables workers have permissions to administration,
  • Remove automatically inactivate workers after certain period of time.
  • Pocket-friendly

    Once, you get possession of our management software or anti clutter management system to arrange details, progress, and attendance of workers and executives, then you do not need to buy entire human resource system separately because our Employee management company in New Delhi, India enables you to obtain only recruitment module particularly to gain the maximum output and ROI instead of deciding to buy overall package of HRMS. Alike recruitment module, there are other modules which can work along with our Employee management software. Thus, the clients or companies can turn entire management system in systematic mode within affordable cost.


    This customized software provides updated progress and activity of each and every employee of the company and this software also works properly for those employees who are at certain distance because now-a-days businesses or enterprises have been raising their arms to congregate more clients, spreading at many locations called office branches. It provides a user-friendly platform to manage adding and removing members of staff aptly at ease. It also helps to reduce work burden from HR’s shoulders and brings more productivity. Being beneficially for company as well as nature, it almost reduces overall paper work in office regarding workers.