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College Management System

Managing anything systematically brings anyone on top of obedience or decency and shows the priority to arrange and assemble information, data or progress. Managing something on numerous does not remain easy to handle by a person or even by a group of people. When term ‘education’ comes in discussion or talk, only one word becomes an appropriate answer to that term, is called by discipline. Then, managing or organizing data, activities, progress, and reports to increase efficiency of any educational body become a congregated systematic responsibility which must be done on priority by ERP software. Our customized software development company in New Delhi India works appropriately, becoming a bridge between educational bodies and their essential necessities for management system to accelerate efficiency.

We deliver

Gathering faculty, students, and other staff at a dais can only be handled by well-customized software created as per client’s desirable aspects is what only our software development services must create aptly. The data, progress and activity of any schools, colleges, and even universities are required to be assembled and arranged systematically with the help of well-customized software.

OndeskITsolutions stands foremost to render its reliable and gratifying customized services only after knowing basic fundamental needs of clients thoroughly. Delivering customized software services with extensive experience, our team of software developers designed and developed college management system in such a way that it can generate an equal importance to the students to have an appropriate environment for showing their talent and potential.


The student’s attendance and presence in college or universities always remain full of tantrum or not arranged in well manner just because of proxy but knowing updates regularly about attendance or presence of students in colleges or universities is leading feature of college management system which comes at top of this software and also lets their parents to know student’s status and progress online. This ERP software developed by our proficient software developers also reduces admin cost and paper work by 60% thus becomes cost effective one for client’s management system and is also capable of conversing data in various formats.

Our college management system provides features like assembling bulk data, generating several automated quick reports, easy to use UI, paying students fee, and students performance as well as faculty’s performance. The facility like one touch or click to mail is included in wealthy range of features of this ERP software and is available to students, faculty, management, and parents.